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Featured Artist: Distorted Memory

Swallowing the Sun
Format: CD
Price: $9.99

Buy the MP3 Album for only $7.99

Track ListingPreview
1. Awake Sleeping Giants
2. Black Fields
3. Seven Voices Of Hate
4. Hand Of God
5. Silence
6. Swallowing The Sun
7. Nomads
8. Prey
9. Raven Eyes
10. Yahweh
11. Hand Of God (Die Sektor Remix)


Finally, almost 4 years after the great debut "Burning Heaven", the Canadian project Distorted Memory releases a powerful follow-up "Swallowing the Sun". "Swallowing the Sun" comes up with a more mature sound than the first album, moving away from terror EBM into darker, more organic Dark Electro sound with a large tribal/ethnic element. Perfectly integrated OldSchool-elements create a timeless album with epic and powerful choruses. Vocals on "Swallowing the Sun" are less processed but more aggressive. The concept behind the album describes a doomed world where man has destroyed nature and has fallen from power. Mastermind Jeremy Pillipow created a masterpiece of music, which combines traditional Distorted Memory elements with new and surprising aspects. Mastering was done by X-Fusion Music Production. As special bonus, "Swallowing the Sun" contains an exclusive Die Sektor remix.